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"At our dedicated rat rescue, we’re on a mission to provide a haven for lonely, skittish, or disabled rats, offering them the love, care, and quality of life they might not have otherwise had. Our doors are always open for these special creatures, from newborns who need the most tender care, to elder rats in the twilight of their lives."

Currently, we have the responsibility of caring for 155 rats, almost 50 of whom are less than a month old, while 40 others are still adolencents themselves. Not forgetting our senior rat residents, who are relishingtheir twilight years surrounded by companionship and care, assured they’ll never face loneliness again.

Take for example, our beloved Stumpy, a three-week-old buck who, despite losing a foot to a feeder rat’s bite, has transformed into a vibrant and vivacious furball. His journey was fraught with difficulty, but his energy and enthusiasm are now truly unparalleled. We rely entirely on donations to support our rescues like Stumpy, as every single penny we receive is directed back into their care.

We run this sanctuary on a voluntary basis, foregoing a salary to ensure all funds are allocated for food, bedding, enrichment, and medical attention. With our rapidly growing rat family, the costs of maintaining their quality of life can mount up quickly.” Your generosity helps us ensure each rat gets the care theyYour generosity helps us ensure each rat gets the care they  deserve, making a world of difference in their lives!deserve, making a world of difference in their lives!

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